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    "Well… we’re all mad here… but let me tell you something… the best people usually are," he said, offering a smile. 


    "Thank you. Although I think that doesn’t count for ‘second-hand madness’," she chuckled. 

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  • Frankenstein’s Young Monster (AU) // Erik & Joanne


    He only casually listened to her speak, conversation not being his strongest suit at the moment after being mostly alone since the end of the war and he didn’t bother himself at all with the concerns of others… Most people’s worries didn’t involve him and he was perfectly fine with that.

    Erik’s ears perked up though at the mention of Köln, a large city that, despite Bonn being made the interim capital of West Germany in recent times, still held some meaning to him after everything that had happened. He wondered if perhaps…

    "Köln, that’s not far from where my family used to live. …My parents were from Düsseldorf."


    It took a lot for him to admit that much to her, the memories of a childhood torn prematurely were still a bit too fresh and yet…he felt that if someone deserved to know something about him, she did. Erik looked up from his steaming drink, calm and composed blues gazing into her pretty, if somewhat skittish, green. He could tell it wasn’t easy for her to be with him right now. In respect of her efforts, he decided it may be worth it to the both of them to have a little friendly small talk, from one outsider to another.

           ”Düsseldorf..” she repeated, somewhat thoughtful. There had been something happening around there, she believes, but Jo had always had too many other concerns to focus on any other concerns, also, her parents never would have let her inquire about greater events. ‘Es ist besser so’, they said.. Maybe it was. Jo could never stand unreasonable acts of violence, and since it didn’t seem to be easy for him to admit it, something must have happened..

           ”I haven’t been there yet, never been anywhere other than Köln until I moved.” Jo blew a breath out of his mouth, eyes dropping down at the steaming coffee while fiddling her hands under the table. Thinking about what Erik said, few words caught her attention; ‘used to live’. Perhaps he had lost them? One of the pains she could fully understand, yet never feel sorrow in case her parents died. Perhaps because, to her, they had been dead for a long time already. Surpressed feelings? Not so likely to be the case.

           ”So…” the woman sighed, eyes drifting over to a new guest who just walked past, “Uhm, out of mere curiosity, you don’t plan on going back there - huh?”

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    He stared at the woman for a moment, trying to decide if it was really a good idea for him to be telling her any of this. 

                         Fuck it.

    "I’m from another universe or dimension or something. Stonehenge was experiencing electromagentic surges that were off the charts. Countries were destroyed from the volcanic eruptions that were triggered by the surges. I figured out that the antikythera mechanism from ancient Greece would work like a key to stop it. But when I placed it on there, there was a giant surge of energy and I woke up here— in this universe."


    "—Go on, say it… I’m a crackpot."

             Raising a hand to her chin, she listened carefully to what he said.
    It was quite a change from the usual kind of crazy, and Jo could have almost expressed how glad she was about that, yet it was rather unbelievable. The strange man may be far from a psychopath, but yet not to be considered as the average guy.

          “Why would I? It’s pretty.. interesting. And after all, I’ve heard crazier things.”
    Or more so creepy. Terrifying even.

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    "Wouldn’t believe me if I told you, trust me."

                      And who would? He lied when he said it didn’t bother him that his world had regarded him as crazy. It did bother him. He just got used to hiding it. He wondered if the great minds of the universe - the others who had been called crazy - felt the same way.

                     And if they had been sent to another universe… and if in that universe, they stayed hidden.

              She bit her lip, curious about what the stranger might hide. There weren’t many interesting people around here, at least they weren’t to her.

                         ”Trust me, I’ve heard a lot of crazy things.”

              Well, she had seen some too. And up until this point, there hadn’t been anything that didn’t prove itself to be true —- thought that wasn’t necessarily positive.

    "I doubt there’d be anything to shock me now, so try it. Surprise me.”

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    He gave a soft chuckle. “Maybe… but doesn’t everyone?” He was suddenly reminded of the weight of his Prelovich award that had hung for so long around his neck. It was strange to be without it. Even stranger was the loss that it reminded him of. The life he had built, his career, Dr. Leeds, even. She had been the first person to believe in him since everything had gone to shit.

                                                   And then he lost her, too.

    "At some point, probably.”

             Of course loss was more than simply common, as even a lost childhood toy could be counted as such. But this was not some memory that vanished from him, it was rather something that had been familiar to Jo herself;;
     Almost as if something was ripped from the man, or was it the other way around?

                  “What’s your little catastrophe?”

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    Jacob smiled a bit. “It can be… very rewarding…” or destroy your soul.

      “Where there’s reward, there’s loss. You seem like
    you know the other side too, huh?”

             She tilted her head. It was a habit of hers, not exactly making others feel more comfortable around the young woman, but she couldn’t really help it.

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  •    ”So.. a scientist, you say. What’s that like?

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    To save Dean Winchester.  That was your goal, right?

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    au ideas; » long distance relationship

    Muse A and B live some three thousand miles away or so. They’ve never met in person, but for some reason fate brought them to each other over something as vast as the distance between them: the internet. Maybe it’s not easy for them to live in separate timezones, and maybe the people around them or wary or disbelieving, but A and B are determined to stick it out and one day meet in person.

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    Loki of Jotunheim on We Heart It.

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